Etsy + Amber = :)

Have you heard of Etsy?  No?!  Oooohhh…. it’s awesome!  Etsy is a website that’s : “Your place to buy and sell all things handmade” and I drool over everything they have to offer.  It’s a site where all the goods are made and sold by individuals with a common bond to create things like jewelry, clothing, stationary, accessories, art, fun vintage goods, etc. and now you can even find some fancy photos by yours truly!

I’ve officially opened up my shop, and plan to add even more prints within the next couple weeks to keep things fresh, so be sure to check back often.  :)  I’m really excited about the Fine Art side of Amber Engfer Photography, as it’s long been my passion to make art with a camera and photographing objects, landscapes, and antique architecture is my favorite way to gather inspiration for my portrait and event sessions.  (it’s amazing the things you can learn while staring at a dried up flower through a lens at sunset!)

You can access my etsy shop a number of ways; either by clicking the following link:
or through the “My Etsy” tab
on my Facebook fan page.

….. you have my permission to go check out my little shop now…  I’ll wait…..


Oh, hey!  Welcome back!  I have some really fun things in the works for 2010, am shooting a crazy-awesome posh hotel wedding in March that I’m SO excited for, and have been acquiring a few photo props that I can’t wait to blog about, so stay tuned!!

Since no post is complete without an image or two, I thought I’d include a few food photos from the fun tea party/baby shower I attended over the weekend.  My friend Lisa is due next month and is starting a tea cup collection for her little girl-on-the-way, so our super fab shower hosts Van and Lauren asked everyone to bring a teacup to help out!  Cute, right?  Do these girls know how to throw a party or what?!?!  :)

baby shower tea party

2 comments to Etsy + Amber = :)

  • Bryn

    I also cannot wait for the ultra posh wedding ;) Looking through your photos, I am more and more excited that you are doing the photography!!! Best of luck on the Etsy endeavor, very exciting!

  • CONGRATS on opening your etsy site, super exciting!!! :) and the tea party pictures are BEAUTIFUL–my cupcakes look more pretty than i could ever imagine!

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