Odella Delphine: Newborn

It’s not often that I write out babies names as first and middle.  But, oh! her name!  Odella Delphine….  it just sings old timey music while sitting in a frilly dress on a southern manor porch with a glass of lemonade… right?!?  It’s a big name for such a little girl, but with Zach and Kara for parents, I know this little one is destined for greatness!
I was so happy when Kara asked me to come to their house for photos – photographing on location is my most favorite way to shoot since I’m able to capture a client in a more natural, comfortable and personal setting.  Most clients have a hard time thinking their home could lend itself to amazing photos, but they’ve always been pleasantly surprised by the outcome!  It’s almost always possible to find great lighting, and in Odella’s case, amazing props as well!  I contributed a few blankets and my super amazing, fantastic mini top hat, but the rest was all Kara and Zach.  Recognize the frame?!?   Zach’s grandmother’s mirror frame has been the most requested item from my clients since K+Z’s engagement session a few years back. I tried to take it off the wall and out the door with me, but no luck, sorry friends!!  It did re-inspire me to find one of my own, so keep your eyes peeled. :)


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  • Gorgeous photos!!! You are so right about photographing in their home, everything looked just perfect! The photos of Odella with the little top hat are sooooo beautiful! Nice work and congrats to Kara & Zach!

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