My Name is Amber:
My parents named me Amber despite the name becoming popular in the book, “Forever Amber”.  Have you read it?  I finally did, and it’s actually pretty amazing. Apparently it caused quite the hullabaloo, as most scandalous 1940′s masterpieces did in their day.

I Love All Things Old:
History fascinates me, abandoned buildings break my heart, my grandmothers’ stories are some of the most treasured I have, and I’m pretty sure I was a flapper in another life.

I’m a Junk-a-holic:
It’s physically impossible to keep me away from antique shops, estate sales, and flea markets… and even harder to keep me from buying something beautiful that I don’t need.

I’m Really, Really Good at Google:
No… really.  Whether it’s info on homemade ice cream in Mexico, searching for the perfect tree branch for your centerpiece, or finding the BEST duvet cover, I’m your gal.

I’m a Travelin’ (wo)Man:
I’m a rustic back-road, cheesy tourist-trap, outdoor adventure kind of girl. Thank goodness for Google Maps, or I’d be lost somewhere amidst the wild bison of South Dakota.

I LOVE Weddings:
For real.  If wedding crashing was a legitimate job, I’d be all over it.

My Favorite Number is 2:
I love things in pairs… and I’m a Gemini, so I think that’s why.

I Truly Believe:
Life is what you make it, happiness is a choice, beauty can be found in even the ugliest places, and the song, “everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen)” should be played at every kindergarten and high school graduation from here to eternity.

i love the idea of love

I caught the photography bug long, long ago, but my own wedding photographer reminded me what it meant to take beautiful pictures.
I specialize in lifestyle photography because, basically, I’d rather hang out with you and snap some photos of who you are, than spend time posing you into something you’re not!

Minnesota, Wisconsin and Destination Lifestyle Engagement & Wedding Photographer

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